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Moteur Hors-Bord 100 cv Tohatsu Arbre Long Démarrage Electrique Commande à Distance Relevage Electrique

Référence - MFS100A-ETL
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Moteur Hors-Bord 100 cv Tohatsu Arbre Long Démarrage Électrique Commande à Distance Relevage Électrique
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Notes et avis

Fort de ses longues années d'expérience, TOHATSU a bien étudié le marché pour concevoir ses modèles et lancer ce qui se fait de mieux dans ces catégories. Il en résulte :

  • un couple exceptionnel atteint par un système d'échappement accordé à performance optimisée ;
  • une durabilité accrue et un poids optimisé grâce à une analyse approfondie de chaque composant majeur ;
  • une performance supérieure obtenue par la programmation de l'ECU optimisée pour les performances.


Il existe en 2 couleurs:

-Bleu Marine

-Blanc Bélouga



Nombre de cylindres
4 cylindres en ligne- SOHC-4V
1995 cc
Longueur d'arbre
Long (517 mm) et Ultra Long ( 644 mm)
178 kg (L) 183 kg (UL)
Ratio embase

SOHC 9-Valve and Roller Rocker Arms

SOHC with unique 9-Valve Design with roller rocker arms provide minimal friction offering quicker throttle response more durable against wear and tear.



4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust

Isometric aggregated exhaust manifold "4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust" maximizes torque and acceleration performance. This unique design is an industry-first and can only be found on Tohatsu Outboards. By engineering each exhaust passage to be equal in length, the merging of exhaust of each cylinder creates extra suction that helps pull the exhaust from the engine. This completely eliminates the possibility of exhaust interference and drastically improves the performance.
Check how it works

Outstanding Torque

From 4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust, MFS75/90/115 have the highest torque that gets you on plane quicker and reach the top end speed faster than any other competitors.

**Data based on research done and collected by Tohatsu Engineering Department

Superior Durability & Optimized Weight

For high durability and weight reduction purposes, Tohatsu optimized each relatively heavy component such as cylinder head, exhaust manifold, engine base, oil pan, lower unit etc.. Also, special anodized process has been utilized on all major aluminum components for prolonged engine life.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

MFS75/90/115 have a unique SOHC-4V design in its class where competitors are either SOHC-2V or DOHC-4V. Spark plugs are strategically placed in the center of the each combustion chamber for the most efficient combustion with optimal heat conduction which results in strong running and fuel efficiency.


With the even-length Intake Manifold, 4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust, and fine-tuned ECU, MFS75/90/115 provide exhilarating and performance-inspired engine sound. Also within the large capacity Idle Port, sounds reflect off each other to dampen the exhaust flow which contributes to the lowest sound at idle.


With its fined-tuned ECU programming, MFS75/90/115 are designed to improve acceleration when needed in order to get the boat to plane quicker. When you throttle to wide open, the ECU recognizes it and ignites in all four cylinders at the same time. Simultaneously, the ECU optimizes and supplies adequate air & fuel which makes air/fuel mixture more suitable for rapid acceleration to generate higher torque. The higher the torque you have, the stronger the acceleration you will get, resulting in enhanced hole shots and thus, quicker planning. (Click Here) Also, Upper and Lower Mounts, and the Gear Case are optimized for direct steering response & maneuverability, and greater stability.

Multi-Function Tiller Handle with Grip-End PTT Switch

Multi-Function Tiller Handle is a great choice for commercial use. It has an ergonomically designed large Shift Lever located at the front and a longer Throttle Grip with a PTT (Power Trim & Tilt) switch located at the grip-end for easier operation and maneuverability. To balance different wind and current conditions, the Variable Idling System allows the user to select the best idling speed from 5 different RPM ranges by simply pressing the Key Switch.

TOCS 4.3 inch LCD Display (optional)

The optional TOCS (Tohatsu Onboard Communication System) 4.3 inch LCD Display connects to the CAN bus and communicates directly with the engine's ECU. Engine data, fault codes, and alarms are displayed on the LCD display.

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